These are the cities where women are obliterating the pay gap in tech

There is no debating that there is a pay gap. It’s a fact. A recent study found that the global gap has increased to 32%, which means that at its current pace, women have 217 years to go before they will be making as much as men. That’s a pretty long time.

A 2016 survey found that women only held about 21% of technical jobs, which includes hardware, software, information services and consulting, at 60 of the largest U.S. companies and they hold 12% of engineering jobs.

That’s why it is so refreshing to hear that in some cities — and the male-dominated field of tech — women are closing this gap, and in some cases making more. SmartAsset put together a list of the best cities in the U.S. (with at least 200,000 residents) for women working in tech jobs by looking at data for gender pay gap, income after housing costs, women’s representation in the workforce, and percent growth in employment.

Kansas City leads the way in closing the pay gap

It truly does pay to work in Washington, D.C., Kansas City, and Baltimore if you are a woman in tech. Now women in Washington technically took the top spot as there is a lot of opportunity for job growth there and women make up 38.5% of the tech workforce however they are still only paid 91% of what men in the field receive.

But the ladies of Kansas City actually out-earn their male counterparts, earning 2% more than men in tech do, on average.

“Kansas City is the only city where the average female tech worker has earned more than the average male tech worker in all four editions of our study,” AJ Smith, VP of Financial Education at SmartAsset, told Ladders. “We saw women in tech earn more than their male counterparts, on average, in Detroit and Indianapolis in the 2016 and 2017 versions of this study, but Kansas City is the only place where the pay gap has consistently remained in favor of women.”

Baltimore is also a great place for women working in tech as there is really good job security. Between 2013 and 2016 the number of tech jobs grew by 36%. Philadelphia, Albuquerque, St.Paul, Arlington, New Orleans, New York and Indianapolis filled out the rest of the Top 10.

Check out how other cities fared for women in tech and check out the full report here.