This household job will pay two people six figures, but you probably can’t cut it

If you want to live among the upper crust of society and earn more than six figures in salary, one family in New York City is hiring for a role that will make you a member of their household — if you manage to meet the couple’s exhaustive criteria for serving them.

The founder and CEO of luxury recruitment firm Hire Society, David N. Youdovin, posted a job listing on his site on behalf of a “prominent Upper East Side couple” who are willing to pay between $100,000 and $150,000 for a full-time, live-in “domestic couple” to oversee their “30,000 square foot townhouse.” Domestic couples are two-worker teams that cooperate to handle the indoor and outdoor duties of a household.

The couple who is hiring said they will offer the applicants a private room in their secondary home and two weeks vacation, according to the job listing.

But this six-figure job also comes with many demanding criteria on your time and energy.

Flexibility — but not for you

Although the listing states that you will get a “flexible 5-day work schedule,” that flexibility is defined as the ability to “work extended hours and weekends upon request” and the expectation that you will keep the home “adequately operating at all times.”  To gain access to this high-society life, you must be willing and able to change your plans at the drop of a hat to benefit your employer.

‘Museum quality cleaning’ experience

And then there’s laundry list of qualifications you’re expected to have to perform this role. Are you an all-star chef, expert florist, personal shopper, an obsessive cleaner, capable handyman, and a rigorously detailed estate manager? Then you may have a shot at landing this job.

The couple’s many demands include “museum quality cleaning” experience, “formal food and beverage/bartending service,” the ability to prepare fresh, healthy foods daily, and the business savvy to oversee construction, vendors, and maintenance repairs. The applicants also need at least seven years of professional experience working as a domestic couple, so don’t think you can dust off your resume if you’ve never worked in a household.

The world of the high-paid domestic worker

Highly paid domestic jobs like this are known for offering great perks as a carrot for demanding work. One family was willing to fork over $128,000 a year and optional use of the family Maserati if you became their children’s nanny. In order to get these perks, however, you also needed to be willing to work a 78-hour work week (and learn self-defense).

That’s the tradeoff with jobs like this. In order to get the good life being advertised, you must also give as much back in your time, effort, and energy (and, perhaps, dignity) in return.