Survey: Women claim half as much on expense reports as men

Ladies, remember to claim your expenses! When employers require employees to pay expenses first and claim them later, a new U.K. survey found that these expense reports end up costing women more than men.

Commissioned by Allstar, the survey of 2,001 U.K. employees found that employees let their embarrassment and forgetfulness stop them from getting back money that is rightfully theirs. One in four workers said they would rather let their work get affected than have to deal with an expense, choosing to postpone or cancel meetings to avoid paying a cost upfront.

In fact, nearly half of employees over 55 years old said they never pay or claim an expense.

Survey: Women don’t claim expenses as often as men

Overall, more than one-third of employees said they forgot to claim their expenses for fuel, travel or entertaining clients.

But women were more likely than men to avoid claiming an expense, and what they did end up claiming ended up being half as much as what men would claim. While men on average would claim $280 (£199) per month, women would only claim $107 (£76). Women were more likely to say their expenses were too small to warrant a claim, or they felt too embarrassed to have to ask for a claim.

To avoid one group of employees from feeling pressure to pay out of pocket, employers should go out of their way to make expense policies a part of every employee’s onboarding process.

Too many workers do not know how they can expense. Two-thirds of employees in the survey said they had not read their company’s expense policy.