A Fortune 100 company has blocked fantasy football on its work computers

This Fortune 100 company has punted on fantasy football.

Workers at New York Life’s headquarters in New York City were stunned Monday morning when they went to check their fantasy football rosters, only to learn that the insurance company banned Yahoo Sports’ fantasy football portal.

In a picture obtained by Ladders, the on-screen message that appeared told people they were not able to access Yahoo’s fantasy page because of the “site’s security configuration.”

According to the pop-up, the reason was that the fantasy sports page falls under a gambling window.

“New York Life has blocked access to this website due to a problem with the site’s security configuration.

If you require access to this website as part of your job function, or feel there may be an issue with this website being blocked, please raise a ServiceNow ticket.

(Access — Information Security (IS) Exception — Select Access to Blocked Websites (URL Whitelisting — Blocked Policy.)

Not allowed to browse Gambling category”

“This has happened before,” said one worker, who wished to remain anonymous. “It better come back.”

A spokesperson with New York Life released a statement to Ladders, saying, “Like many other large organizations, we tend to restrict access to non-business related sites and rely on a third party to provide that categorization.”

It remains unclear whether other fantasy sports websites like ESPN or CBS were banned from the company’s servers as well.

Destructive hobby or bonding activity?

Fantasy football in the workplace has been a growing passion for many American workers.

Recent studies pointed to American businesses potentially losing more than $9 billion this year due to decreased production and a shifted focus due to fantasy sports. One study even found that the average American worker spends nearly seven hours per week checking their fantasy team on the company’s dime.

However, there are benefits to organizing company-wide fantasy leagues as it’s been used as a way to unite offices and create a friendly bonding atmosphere.

New York Life ranked No. 71 on Fortune 500, dropped two spots from last year despite a 2.7% increase in revenue.