These are the Halloween costumes that will be all over your office this year

We are now in the middle of October which means you only have a few weeks left to find the perfect Halloween costume, if you plan on dressing up that is. And clearly a lot of people do as according to the National Retail Federation the average American shells out $86.79 for Halloween with $3.2 billion going to costumes alone.

But if you don’t want to end up dressed the same as half of your colleagues, you are going to want to pay attention to TheStreet’s list of the most popular costumes. It looks like the classics still reign supreme with witches, vampires and zombies taking the top three slots (or maybe adults just aren’t very creative.)

Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Adults

Witch: 10.7%

Vampire: 3.7%

Zombie: 3.1%

Pirate: 2.9%

‘Avengers’ Character (Excluding Spider-Man): 2.0%

Batman: 2.0%

‘Star Wars’ Character: 1.9%

Ghost: 1.8%

Super Hero: 1.8%

Clown: 1.6%

Wonder Woman: 1.5%


However, as for which costumes people are searching for on Pinterest, we see a little more creativity here. These are the most popular Halloween costumes for 2018  according to data from global fashion search platform, Lyst, and Pinterest. Here we saw a major skew towards pop culture and the biggest films of the year (Black Panther, I, Tonya, The Incredibles) but then some random animals as well.

Tonya Harding

A character from Riverdale

90s costume ideas

A warrior of Wakanda (from Black Panther)

A pink flamingo

Edna Mode from The Incredibles

Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again-themed costume

Cosmic fairy

Frida Kahlo

A cow