These are the kinds of professionals that procrastinate the most at work

Americans are working too much. According to a new Office Pulse Survey, nearly 50% of full-time American workers put in 50-plus hours a week and one in five U.S workers clock in over 60. One out of every four stressed-out employees also reports clocking in 10-hour days or longer. Stressed workers are also more likely to work through lunch breaks four to five days a week in addition to being more likely to answer work emails after hours.

So how do they cope with the stress? The survey found that nine out of 10 business professionals retreat online to indulge personal needs during work hours. The analysis of 541 white collar workers, from Canada and the US found that 77% of stressed-out workers spend one hour or less on daily personal activities at work compared to 79% of stress-free workers.

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Somehow, I manage

Senior managers reported feeling stressed the most frequently, around 51% more often than members of other branches to be exact. In accordance with the previously cited statistic, this group also reported skipping lunch, working longer hours, and habitually conducting work after they were no longer on the clock. Thirty-five percent of senior managers work through lunches, 71% respond to work emails after they leave the office, and 29% of senior managers routinely work more than 10 hours a day.

Based on the intro of this report, it follows that 93% of senior managers dually go online during office hours for personal needs the most often. Eighty-two percent, engage in a bit of online shopping. Seventy-six percent run personal errands and 68% shop around stores during the workday. The Office Pulse survey located a clear correlation between the degree of stress and degree of playtime that wasn’t necessarily beholden to the position.

The breakdown of the average amount of time US employees spend slacking off during work compared to Canadians is indexed below.

US workers time breakdown

  • 42% less than 30 minutes
  • 32% less than an hour
  • 21% more than hour

Canadian workers time breakdown

  • 48% under thirty minutes
  • 35% 30 minutes to an hour
  • 14% more than an hour

Millennials and New Yorkers spend the most time wasting it on the clock as it turns out. Twenty-six percent of Millennials and 27% of New Yorkers spend more than an hour online during work hours repetitively. The majority of Millennials use this time to research grocery options (44%), though researching medical products was occasioned the most often as a reason to browse online by most business professionals (77%). Office pulse reports,

“Seventy-seven of business professionals feel that conducting personal activities is a necessary part of their work day. As the modern workplace evolves and connectivity brings work outside the office walls, workers and companies alike will need to embrace the Working Daypart in order to counter the potential of stress and burnout.”

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