Survey: More than half of active job seekers would take a pay cut for the perfect job

How far would you go for the perfect job?

Professional staffing and search services provider Addison Group recently released the second round of results of its fourth annual Workplace Survey, which found that 54% of active job seekers would take a pay cut for employment at “a company whose mission aligns with their beliefs,” compared to 30% of overall participants who would do the same.

One thousand full-time and part-time white-collar workers in the U.S. participated in the survey. Here are some of the results.

Here’s what else people would give up for the right job

The research found that 80% of active job seekers and 67% of all respondents would take “fewer office amenities” for the right job, while 72% of active job seekers and 49% of the whole pool would take a lengthier commute.

Seventy-one percent of people looking for a new position and 55% of respondents overall said they’d be willing to work on holidays, while 70% of those looking for new employment and 57% of people overall said they’d work on the weekend.

“Frequent job-hopping has become the norm in today’s employment market,” Tom Moran, CEO of Addison Group, said in a statement. “The survey shows that candidates are as career-oriented as ever, with the desire to challenge themselves at work, and put in the extra hours to advance,” he said.

Here’s why people are seeking new jobs

The report showed that the number one reason active job seekers are looking for a new position is for “salary/compensation,” with 52% of people in that category.

Among others in this bunch, 40% wanted “more challenges,” 31% weren’t fans of their current work, and just 16% didn’t like their current company’s mission.


Here’s how different generations are feeling about their careers

The research also featured results on how people think their careers are going, with 69% of millennials, 63% of Generation Xers, and 34% of Baby Boomers agreeing that “I am worried that I should be doing more in my career now to get where I want in the future.”

Sixty-four percent of millennials, 59% of Generation Xers, and 46% of Baby Boomers said that they’re heading toward their “dream job.”