This is exact age when we began to look and act like our parents

UK surgeon, Dr. Julian De Silva interviewed 2,000 men and women to determine when we begin to morph into our parents. In many instances, Dr. Silva’s data suggests that the onset of this phenomenon has a lot to do with when we have children of our own.

De Silva explains, “Becoming parents is the main trigger and lifestyle factors are also important.” More than 50% of the English women observed in the study reported that they stopped rebelling against their moms when they entered their thirties and instead began emulating them. A couple of years after childbirth, many of the female respondents reported watching similar TV shows, adopting similar expressions and picking up the same hobbies.

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Male participants expressed a similar metamorphosis after having their first child. They found themselves taking on similar political views as their fathers, listening to the same music and enacting parallel practical philosophies.

Not too far from the tree

Given that the study was conducted in England, where the average age of childbirth for women is 30.5, it follows that the women surveyed found themselves mimicking their moms around the age of 33. Similarly, the average UK man has their first kid around the age of 33.5, a little less than a year before the male respondents began to imitate their fathers.

The aping didn’t just stop with behavioral traits, although the parallels to the physical transformation that accompanies aging is a process that was less celebrated by both men and women surveyees.

“It is an inevitable part of aging but a process lots of people want to put off for as long as possible,” Dr. Silva expounds. “It is one of the reasons why the average age of first-time cosmetic surgery is coming down for both sexes.”

The average UK woman considers going under the knife at around 37, with the average Englishmen getting cosmetic procedures at about 43. “More people are trying to delay this onset of middle age to improve their appearance and levels of self-confidence,” says Dr. Silva.

On balance, the prominent surgeon believes we should embrace this process of imitation.

Often, when people have children their parents retire the strict policies they exercised when they were younger in favor of a more nurturing role. This ignites the torch to be passed along. Developing similar parenting techniques tends to have a bleed over effect into our interests and mannerisms. As far as Dr. Silva is concerned, this is an inevitable occurrence that should be “celebrated.”

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