People who eat this type of breakfast tend to make more money

A hearty breakfast might be a thing of the past.

More and more Americans are skipping breakfast, opting to pass what many consider the most important meal at least half of the week, according to a new study, conducted by OnePoll.

The average American isn’t grabbing a yogurt every day or even munching on eggs — America’s favorite breakfast food — for most of the week, as Americans have breakfast just three times a week.

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The poll looked at the eating habits of 2,000 Americans, specifically looking at the preferences and behaviors among breakfast eaters.

When Americans actually want to eat breakfast, well more than half preferred eggs for breakfast. Fifty-six percent were satisfied with just coffee and just a little over half said cereal was their go-to.

Others enjoyed breakfast sandwiches (46%) and bacon (42%).

Whether you’re in a rush or simply can’t stomach food early, skipping breakfast has been proven to have its disadvantages health-wise. A study in 2017 found that people who skip their first meal of the day have been associated with having higher cholesterol levels or even being heavier.

Research published earlier this year even linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular-related death.

One expert recently told Ladders that skipping breakfast isn’t the right move.

“Skipping breakfast is associated with increased disease risk — not only obesity but diabetes, heart disease, and just lower dietary quality,” said registered dietitian Sharon Collison.

The habits of breakfast eaters

People who work in law, hotel and food services, and technology were found the most likely to skip breakfast daily, according to a recent study.

As for people who do eat breakfast and prefer a savory type (like an egg), the study found they tend to make more money, be night owls and prefer cats over dogs. If you prefer a sweet breakfast like a donut you tend to be a morning person, like romcoms and are a dog person.

Check out the infographic and watch the video below.