Workplaces should invite dogs in every day

Calling all dog-lovers! Today is the 18th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Pet Sitters International reportedly established the “unofficial holiday” Take Your Dog to Work Day back in 1999.

The website for the educational association for professional pet sitters offers more background on the holiday, saying that it was started “to celebrate the great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions,” and that “the event encourages employers to experience the joys of pets in the workplace for one day to support their local pet community.”

Here are some canines and how they spread joy at work.

These pups are feeling the love

Dogs have natural curiosity, which is an excellent quality for a colleague. They’re also not afraid of hard work.

Take this furry filer, for instance. Look at her go!

This dog seems to be enjoying the ride.

So small, so capable. Dogs at work also teach us when it’s time to take a break.

Check out this loyal police pup.

This dog will win.

Domino’s chimed in.

How to prep your pup for the office

Of course, offices are not necessarily the natural habitat for pups. Here are a few ways to make your dog’s introduction to the office go as smoothly as possible. You can have a successful day in the office with your dog by your side. And the best part is, so can your colleagues.

Ease into things

Lisa Evans features advice from Robbie Eddison, assessment services supervisor and cochair of IT company Softchoice’s Toronto office DOG (Dog Owners Group) committee, in Fast Company article.

“‘If your dog is used to hanging out by themselves at home, spending a day at the office surrounded by other people and dogs may be overwhelming for them at first,’ says Eddison. She recommends starting slowly, bringing in your pooch on days when you don’t have many meetings, or days when you can take them home at lunch, allowing them to put in a half day at the office if a full day will be too much for them,” Evans writes.

Get your workspace ready

Sarah Netter provided tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day in an ABC News article.

“Make sure your workspace is a safe haven for your dog before your four-legged best friend comes for a visit. This means cleaning up any food (both on top of and under your desk,) finding a new home for the day for your plants and removing or organizing any loose wires. And if you’ve got a puppy, remember to bring some chew toys so he doesn’t decide to find his own in your chair,” Netter writes.

Be sure to take others into consideration

Kate Bratskeir writes about this in a HuffPost article. Not everyone is a dog person, and you should respect that.

“Of course, there’s a case to be made against having pooches at work: Some dogs don’t behave properly for the corporate environment, and some employees may be allergic to or simply dislike four-legged creatures. If a company does allow dogs, it’s important to instill policies to keep them in check for everyone’s safety,” Bratskeir writes.