This wearable AC unit might be the secret to keeping you cool in the summer

The days of a sweaty commute could be coming to a near end.

Sony says its developed a portable AC unit that slides into your shirt, aiming to help you fight through a humid, 90-degree day, with cooling technology that can dial back your internal thermometer by 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The wearable air conditioner — known as the Reon Pocket — would slide into specially-designed T-shirts that can either raise or lower a person’s body temperature, pending personal preference via the Peltier effect.

The computer mouse-like design sits between your shoulder blades in the shirt and can be controlled via your phone with Bluetooth, which will enable users to change the temperature.

The Reon Pocket uses the Peltier effect, which creates a temperature difference through heat passed across two objects via electric currents.

If you’re thinking about adding this to your wishlist, think again: it’s not going to be available in the US any time soon.

The device, priced at $117, is slated to only be available in Japan. Sony said it recently reached its crowdfunding target, raising 66 million yen ($606,000).

For those who complain about their freezing office temperatures, don’t worry — the Reon Pocket can help heat things up, raising your body temperature by as much as 14 degrees.