Survey: This city just passed New York as the most stressful in the world

New Yorkers are pretty obsessed with how difficult it is to hack it here. There’s like 80 movies that fetishize the “hustle bustle,” from Midnight Cowboy, to Mean Streets, to Maid In Manhattan (I think, I’ve never actually seen that one).   “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” the “concrete jungle,” etc.

Have we been so busy counting our street rats and train delays, we let another metropolis usurp New York in the stress hierarchy?

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Exactly, which city never sleeps the most?

According to a new report from our pals over at OnePoll conducted on behalf of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Los Angeles actually might trump The Big Apple, in the stress department.  Only 6% of L.A residents reported never getting stressed.

A survey of 3,000 residents from  Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami, found that 76% of LA residents reported feeling stressed, just ahead of New York’s 72% on a typical day.

The average Los Angeles resident can only go 10 days before they need a break “from the grind“, compared to the average New Yorker, which said they can go a whole 17 days. Chicagoans can make it up to 19 and a half days before throwing in the towel.

Percentage of people at least somewhat stressed every day in cities

  1. L.A.: 76%
  2. NYC: 72%
  3. Chicago: 65%
  4. Miami: 64%
  5. Dallas: 48%
  6. SF: 44%

Deep dish pressures

The Onepoll report even broke down the stressors by particular sections of each city. Residents of Chicago, for instance, voted the Loop as the most consistent source for quality headaches by an impressive 34%. The Magnificent Mile came in at a close second with more than a quarter of respondents voting it in, and the Red Line was voted as Chicago’s most stressful train line.

Top 5 most stressful places in Chicago

  1. The Loop: 34%
  2. Magnificent Mile: 26%
  3. Navy Pier: 25%
  4. Water Tower Place: 24%
  5. Museum Campus: 24%

L.A. residents cited Hollywood and Highland Center as the least relaxing places to be on any given day, as they each earned 35% of the respondents’ votes. Universal Studios trailed behind as the most stressful section of L.A. to be in with 31%. Of all the highways decorating Los Angeles, the 105 was deemed the worst road by a fairly significant margin.

Top 5 most stressful places in LA

  1. Hollywood/Highland Center: 35%
  2. Universal Studios: 31%
  3. TCL Chinese Theater: 28%
  4. Any casting agency: 27%
  5. Rodeo Drive: 27%

As an NYC resident, the poll’s picks for most stressful areas of the city all check out as expected. Number one was Times Square at 39%. Turns out people don’t really like getting harassed by a life-sized version of an Elmo.

Top 5 most stressful places in New York City

  1. Times Square: 39%
  2. Grand Central Station: 37%
  3. New York Passport Agency: 30%
  4. Union Square: 29%
  5. Penn Station: 28%

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