PIVOT! Pottery Barn is launching a collection based on your favorite episode of ‘Friends’

“She hates Pottery Barn?!” these were the emphatic words of whiny Ross Gellar of Friends when he found out his close friend was not a fan of the mass-produced furniture factory that has been a signature of the yuppie class abode for the last 20 years. Though many of us often didn’t side with Ross (they were not on a break!) it was hard to believe that someone could hate such a popular brand with such affordable prices for oversized throw pillows.

In arguably one of the best episodes of the hit show, Rachel comes to a head with the aforementioned Phoebe as she tries to decorate their apartment only to realize her roommate doesn’t want anything that isn’t completely authentic, as in not from Pottery Barn. As you can guess, hilarity ensues. Rachel lies and tells Phoebe that she bought the apothecary tab;e (oh if only it cost “one and fifty dollars,”) a birdcage, a partition and several other knickknacks  at a flea market and even goes so far as to incorrectly describe the eras all these items are from (“It’s from yore — like, the days of yore,” and then when asked by Ross if there are any other decades she cites, “Well there’s yesteryear.” Does anyone know what yesteryear is?”)

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The episode titled “The One with the Apothecary Table,” which aired in 2000, garnered some criticism for its use of product placement though Pottery Barn wasn’t complaining as the must-see program saw the company’s “phones light up with catalog requests every time it airs in syndication, ” a former executive told The LA Times.

This could be why almost 20 years later Pottery Barn is launching a collection based on that very episode on July 30. Because as we know, Friends is not just a television show, it’s a lifestyle. And thanks to Netflix (though not for much longer) as well as various networks, the reruns of the show and their furniture choices will live on forever.

The 14-piece product line will arrive right before the show’s (gasp!) 25th anniversary. And yes, the apothecary table, which was perfect for holding Rachel’s 300 CDs (so tablets now I guess? Or whatever the robots are using to steal our thoughts) is part of the collection as are Central Perk mugs and throw pillows.

It isn’t clear if couches will be a part of this collection but if they are you know there will be several reenactments of the “PIVOT!” scene. Something to look forward to.