Motivational mantras to get you out of bed in the morning

Waking up can be one of the more challenging parts of your day. If you usually have to set five or 10 alarms or have a hard time dragging yourself out of bed, it might be time for a little morning motivation. We chatted with Colleen McCann, author of Crystal RX and a certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner to provide you with mantras for daily inspiration and tips on how to create your own mantras.

Prepare to start your days with more self-care and less self-loathing.

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How to use your mantra

Before you choose a mantra, you need to know how best to use them. McCann suggests trying to incorporate them in your day-to-day life, such as when you’re getting ready in the morning or during your work commute. Once a mantra becomes ingrained in your mind, it will naturally be the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning and mentally prepare you for the rest of your day. Here are a few other tips for how, when, and where to use your mantras.

1. Practice in front of a mirror. Make it a ritual practice of looking into the mirror morning while getting ready for work and repeating your chosen mantra.

2. Schedule it. Create a calendar reminder to daily recite your mantras. Change the title on your alarm from “Wake up!” to “Mantra, mantra, mantra.”

3. Location, location, location. Put your mantra on a post-it note and place it somewhere you can see it every day, like your desk, bathroom mirror, or altar.

4. Accessorize. Iron Pyrite is the ideal crystal for manifesting what you want to come into your life! Sit it next to or on top of your written mantra statement.

5. Keep it simple. Your mantra doesn’t have to be a long or complicated statement. It can be a one-word reminder of what you are trying to call into your life. Simple statements like “I am motivated,” “I am amazing,” or “I am happy” are fine.

Motivational mantras

Motivational mantras will help give you the confidence to tackle anything that comes your way, no matter how big or small. Try something that can actually fit on one post-it or that you can memorize easily. McCann shared a few with us to start you off.

1. “I am a reflection of the world around me.”

2. “You do one thing like you do everything.”

3. “I AM worthy and deserving of all the universe has to offer.”

4. “I AM motivated to become the best version of myself.”

5. “I AM becoming.”

Self-love mantras

Self-love is one of the first steps to self-care and living a happy life. After waking up and stretching your arms out, bring those arms back in and hug yourself while saying your mantra. Here are a few simple examples.

1. “I am a clear and present channel of divine light and love.”

2. “I love myself the same way I love others.”

3. “I AM love.”

4. “I call in the love I deserve.”

5. “I am worthy and deserving of giving and receiving love.”

Creating your own mantras

Want to create a more personalized mantra? Decide what area of your life you want to focus on, and channel your energy towards it. Keep your mantra personal and to the point, and it can be as simple as one word or one sentence. Here are some steps McCann recommends.

1. Review: Create a list of all the action items, wants, needs, etc. that you are currently trying to call into your life.

2. Q&A: Ask yourself a question like, “What is sticking out as the most important or vital item to embrace first?”

3. Roll Call: Give each item on your list a number in order of importance.

4. Short But Sweet: Condense your items into one word or short phrase like “I am…”. Short mantras work best and are easiest to remember.

5. Daily Dose: Be sure to use your mantra daily for maximum energetic output.

Use these tips to help you take a few deep breaths during your morning routine. It can seem daunting, but with a little practice, you’ll be mantra-ing all day every day.

This article originally appeared on Brit + Co.

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