This picturesque state is now paying people to move there

Do you love maple syrup? What about skiing? Or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? If you said “yes” to any of those things, then it may be time to move to Vermont.

But even if those perks aren’t enough to entice you, here’s another one: As of Jan. 1, the state will pay you up to $10,000 over two years to relocate to Vermont if you’re an employee who works remotely.

The Remote Worker Grant Program is an attempt by Vermont legislators to incentivize remote workers to move to their state. To qualify, individuals must work full-time for a company based elsewhere and do most of their job from Vermont.

The initiative comes after Vermont’s population has stayed flat or even slightly waned, according to The Associated Press. Vermont also plays host to an older demographic than most states, with the median age of residents at 42.7 years.

These demographic shifts — familiar to European countries and cities as well as other parts of the United States where the population has begun to dwindle — gave a reason for the grant program, which provides people with an incentive that can cover moving costs, computer software and other on-the-job necessities for remote workers.

The state has allotted $500,000 for such grants, and the application is now open. But hurry — grants are awarded first-come, first-served.

So if you want to take a ski break from work or have the finest sharp cheddar as your afternoon snack, it may be time to consider a northward move to the Green Mountain State. If it was good enough for the von Trapps, no doubt it’s good enough for any of us. And should $10,000 sweeten the pot, all the better.