This is the job most kids wanted to be growing up, according to this survey

Everyone had their dream jobs while growing up. Some wanted to become professional athletes while others maybe wanted to be astronauts, but most wanted to be a teacher, according to a new survey.

Customer-relations website Moneypenny found that being a teacher was the most popular profession that people wanted to be growing up, finding that it was the most common dream profession by kids in 17 states. Being a teacher was most popular in the midwest and south for kids growing up, according to the survey.

Helping others was a common dream profession for youngsters. Being either a doctor or veterinarian tied for second (eight states each), while three states said being a lawyer was their dream job.

While becoming a teacher might have been a dream for many, the percentage of who actually became one was staggering low. Fewer than 20% of respondents actually went on to become teachers, which was a similar trend throughout most dream jobs. Seventeen percent of kids who dreamt of becoming nurses went on to do that, while just 2% became actors or actress and less than 1% went on to become astronauts.

Becoming a doctor was the most wanted profession for kids in the west growing up, as was veterinarians for those who resided in the northeast.