The latest TikTok trend: quitting your job for everyone to see

• A new trend on TikTok is gathering momentum: #quitmyjob

• People are getting millions of views based on how creative they are when they quit their job.

Going public with your decision may make it challenging to gain future employment

Social media proves once again that if you want a message or experience to go viral, posting your content online is the best way to go. A new TikTok trend is gaining momentum as people fed up with their jobs post their epic rants and experiences online for everyone to see. 

It seems the days of meeting quietly with your manager and quitting via a short conversation or letter are becoming a thing of the past.

A new trend on TikTok is making celebrities out of people for publicly quitting their jobs

Shana Blackwell, a Walmart employee, recently recorded a TikTok video as she used the Walmart intercom system to quit her job and air all the dirty laundry for both employees and customers to hear. The video has been viewed over 35 million times and was met with both criticism and praise from viewers. 

In her viral video, she called out co-workers she didn’t like over the intercom and labeled some of them as “racist, stinky, and lazy.” Then, after ending her rant about everything she didn’t like about the company, she used several expletives to further solidify her displeasure with her employment experience.

You can view her viral video here.

In another video, Will Mcaffee answers the phone at his job with an explicit phrase and then walks off the job as he tells his coworkers, “I’m TikTok famous!” 

You can view his TikTok video here.

Another fed-up employee, Kyle Shute, expressed his displeasure with Joystick Gaming and Collectables in a TikTok video he made about the day he walked off the job. He went so far as to call out another employee’s affair as well as a co-worker who routinely stole items from the snack machine before leaving. 

His video was posted here.

A quick TikTok search of the hashtag #quitmyjob reveals millions of videos of people posting rants about why they quit and calling out specific companies. 

Quitters on TikTok go public to show others it’s ok to quit

Those who publicly record these moments feel it’s the best way to advocate for others stuck in jobs where they are underappreciated or stuck in harmful environments. By posting their experience online, many feel they can empower others to get out of a bad situation.

Most of the TikTok posters say they have no regrets about posting their experience online. Many of their videos talk about how quitting jobs that don’t value them is a freeing experience and empowers others to stand up for their own self-worth.

However, while their intentions may be well-intentioned, their fame and positive may be short-lived.

Your future employment chances may be limited

It’s important to remember that anything you post online may come back to haunt you years or decades later. So while an epic rant about all the bad things you experienced or put up with may empower others to get out of a bad situation, it may also influence future employers from hiring you. 

Airing the dirty laundry of a company for everyone to see may have a short-term positive impact. Future employers may be unwilling to take you on as an employee due to your unpredictable nature or fearing you may do the same to them. 

While something may seem like a good idea now, be mindful that whatever you post may haunt you years down the road.