If you are from this state, this is your favorite Halloween candy

Want to please a Boomer this Halloween? Grab a Snickers.

Although Halloween could look a bit different this year with the call to end trick-or-treating in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, if you want to please a Boomer this October, a Snickers is the secret treat that Boomers crave during Halloween, according to a new survey.

Online educational platform The Shaw Academy recently conducted a survey via Google to find out which candy each generation of Americans wants most during Halloween, according to Fox News.

The study, which included responses from 1,000 Americans, asked participants from each generation which candy they looked forward to during their trick-or-treating days. Mind you, these responses span across multiple decades so some of the candies listed don’t even exist anymore, according to the report.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were named the most popular brand of candy for Gen-Zers, Millennials, and Gen-Xers, according to the study. Those three generations also liked Snickers and Kit Kat.

For Boomers, Snickers was the treat they loved the most during Halloween, followed by Reese’s and Milky Way. Surprisingly, Carmel Apple made its way onto the Boomers’ list, which did not appear in any other generation’s response.

Millennials were the only generation to list Candy Corn as one of its favorite Halloween treats, despite Candy Corn routinely getting dunked on by people.

A survey by CandyStore.com in 2019 found that Candy Corn — the festive yellow, orange, and white candies — were the worst Halloween candy on the market.

Gen X had Almond Joy appear on its list, while Tootsie Roll accommodated Caramel Apple as the anomalies on Boomer’s favorite Halloween candy list.

While generations might have their own favorites, so do states. Zippia conducted a separate study looking into which candies states prefer and found a surprise: Starbursts were the favorite with six states saying it was their favorite Halloween candy including Texas, Georgia, and more.

In Florida, residents said that Airheads were their favorite, while New Yorkers enjoyed a Crunch bar along with people in California.

Alabama: Starburst
Alaska: Smarties
Arizona: Mr Goodbar
Arkansas: Skittles
California: Crunch bar
Colorado: Airheads
Connecticut: Peanut Butter Kisses
Delaware: Twizzlers
Florida: Airheads
Georgia: Starburst
Hawaii: Kit Kat
Idaho: Milk Duds
Illinois: Kit Kat
Indiana: Dum Dums
Iowa: Starburst
Kansas: Whoppers
Kentucky: Heath bar
Louisiana: Payday
Maine: Liquorice
Maryland: Blow pops
Massachusetts: Junior Mints
Michigan: Junior Mints
Minnesota: Snickers
Mississippi: Payday
Missouri: Nerds
Montana: Airheads
Nebraska: Twizzlers
Nevada: Kit Kat
New Hampshire: Circus peanuts
New Jersey: Crunch bar
New Mexico: Hot tamales
New York: Crunch bar
North Carolina: Crunch bar
North Dakota: Starburst
Ohio: Blow pops
Oklahoma: Runts
Oregon: Reeses pieces
Pennsylvania: Twizzlers
Rhode Island: Baby Ruth
South Carolina: Starburst
South Dakota: Milky Way
Tennessee: Blow pops
Texas: Starburst
Utah: Three Musketeers
Vermont: Tootsie pop
Virginia: Sour Patch Kids
Washington: Kit Kat
West Virginia: Tootsie rolls
Wisconsin: Reeses peanut butter cups
Wyoming: Hershey kisses