5 words upper-level Fortune 500 employees use to stand out on LinkedIn

Americans may be the smiliest people on LinkedIn, but word choice also matters on the professional networking platform. Automated proofreader Grammarly conducted a study of 750 LinkedIn profiles of workers at Fortune 500 companies, including entry-level workers, managers, and directors.

The company found that directors used certain words in their profiles far more often than those at lower levels. Here’s what they used — you can do the same. These are the top professional terms used more by directors, according to the research.

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1) ‘Leader’

Thirty-seven percent of directors used this term, along with 29% of managers — compared to just 20% of entry-level workers.

2) ‘Strategic’

Thirty-two percent of directors included this in their LinkedIn profiles, compared to 12% of managers and 5% of entry-level employees.

3) ‘Solution’

Twenty percent of directors used this, compared to 12% of managers and 10% of entry-level workers.

4) ‘Innovative’

Nine percent of directors, 7% of managers, and 4% of entry level employees included this on their profiles.

5) ‘ROI’

Four percent of directors reportedly included “return on investment.” As in: “I increased company ROI by 120%.”

Employees’ profiles had this many words in certain sections

Grammarly’s research also measured the average number of words in profile summary boxes — though not everyone featured text there.

Entry-level workers had an average of 70 words in the profile summary, while managers had an average of 80, and directors had 97 on average.

The research also took a look at the average amount of words in the work experience area, with entry-level workers having an average of 106, managers having 192 on average, and directors having 169 on average.

The research also points out that job title length increased on the way up the corporate ladder — entry-level workers tended to have titles about three words in length, while this number was four for managers and six for directors.

Don’t ramble on LinkedIn

You want to communicate effectively — just be brief about it.

A LinkedIn communication document says to “keep it short and sweet,” saying that “in today’s busy world, no one wants to read long, dense paragraphs on their computer or smartphone. Keep your profile summary, messages, group discussion postings, and recommendations clear and to the point.”

This article was first published on October 10, 2017.