Americans are the smiliest people on LinkedIn

It’s something Americans are known for all over the world: smilling a lot, or even too much. Now, a new study proves that Americans favor a friendly smile even in professional photos.

After combing through results from Snappr’s LinkedIn Photo Analyzer numbering in the “tens of thousands,” the company released data showing that people in countries like the U.S., Australia and Israel smiled the most, among other conclusions. Of those, American grins won by a landslide.

People in these nations smile the most and the least on LinkedIn

The research team sorted users by nationality (each one of which had 50 users minimum) and came up with average rankings.

As stated, the U.S., Australia and Israel made the top of the list, with average “smile scores” of 54.8, 52.7 and 51.7, respectively.

Snappr points out that Americans tend to be extroverted.

Our polar opposites: the people of Eastern Europe. Countries at the bottom of the 29-country list included the Czech Republic rounding out the bottom at 26.3 in a smile score, Poland at 20.6 and Romania at a grim 17.6.

The more LinkedIn connections you have, the happier you appear

It was clear that people with more developed LinkedIn networks smile more in their site photos on average. The scores consistently moved upward with each bracket on the way to 500+ connections.

Those with a hefty 500+ connections on the site smiled the most, with an average smile score of 46.1, while those with 1-49 of them had one of 37.4 at the least.

Brackets that peppered the middle were: 50-99, 100-199, 200-299, 300-399 and 400-499.

Where companies fall on the LinkedIn smiling spectrum

Snappr took a look at all companies in the Fortune 100— each of which is in the U.S.— “that had at least 5 entries in our dataset.” The analysts decided that those countries were the smiliest.

Disney takes the cake with an average smile score of 78.3, far outpacing companies all the way at the other end, with Wells Fargo at 38.2, Cisco at 35.4 and lastly, Verizon at 34.5.

But Disney boasting the happiest-looking employees on LinkedIn is not surprising— it is, as Snappr pointed out, “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Workers in certain industries are more likely to smile on LinkedIn

The researchers placed LinkedIn users in categories based on industry. Unsurprisingly, human-facing fields had the highest smile scores, and technical fields the lowest.

Those in Staffing and Recruiting (score of 57.0), Hospital and Health Care (56.2) and HR (54.6) dominated the top of this category. These industries occupied the bottom: Program Development (32.7), Information Services (30.5) and Computer Networking 27.1.

Whether or not you smile on LinkedIn may depend on a variety of situational and cultural factors, but Snappr’s data shows that your nationality, number of connections, employer and industry are among them.

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