This is how much your identity is worth on the dark web

Your Amazon account is worth the most of all your logins, according to new research.

Website Top10VPN, via MoneyTips, calculated how much it could cost an identity thief to buy your entire identity. For around $1,215, hackers could hold everything from your proof-of-identity documents to credit and banking information, even logins from e-commerce sites like Amazon to social media accounts like Twitter.

That’s up by nearly 4% from 2018, when your sensitive information could be grabbed for $1,170.

Thieves dish out the most money for banking details ($260) and debit card details ($250). Last year, PayPal logins were in high demand leading the list with an average value of $247 but dropped drastically to just $42. The reasoning behind PayPal fall is because eBay announced earlier this year that it would be moving away from PayPal.

The company signed an agreement with Adyen as its primary payments partner.

For individual account information, identity thieves would pay $30 for your Amazon login. Details for your Fortnite account, a popular video, were valued at $11 while Netflix filed in behind at $10.73.

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