These are the 10 adjectives you’re using too often

We know that there are many words that can make you look dumb, plus, phrases that can make you seem passive-aggressive, clueless and ridiculous, but it turns out that there are also a bunch of adjectives that you’re probably using too frequently as well.

Digital writing assistant Grammarly analyzed “the most frequent adjectives used in a single day on all Grammarly products,” and boiled it down to 10 specific ones, which will probably look pretty familiar.

You’re definitely using these 10 adjectives too much

Get a load of these words:

1.) “Other” — fun fact: Grammarly reported that this term popped up “five million times in a day across Grammarly products”

2.) “More”

3.) “New”

4.) “Good”

5.) “Best”

6.) “Many”

7.) “Important”

8.) “Great”

9.) “First”

10.) “Able”

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these adjectives in your own writing. Have a great day!