Americans would rather do this mind-numbing task than be put on hold

For many, there’s nothing worse than dealing with customer service.

A quick phone call or email to resolve an issue, or even ask a question, can lead to countless minutes — and maybe hours — wasted due to deferred questions that can amount in an endless tug-of-war for an answer. Whether it’s calling a health insurance company about a claim or calling a store about a faulty item recently purchased, a quick answer likely never comes easy with customer service.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Sixty-six percent of Americans have experienced poor customer service, whether in a store, online, or at a restaurant, according to a new survey. The survey, conducted by OnePoll, examined customer service experience form Americans, finding that people are willing to go to extreme measures — including giving up sex— to better their customer service experience.

There’s a lot Americans would rather do than be stuck with customer service:

    • 32% of people said they would go celibate for a week instead of being in a customer service queue.
    • Two in five said waiting for water to boil is more enjoyable.
    • Three in 10 said they would rather watch paint dry than be put on hold with a customer service representative.

While most can agree to deal with customer service is the worst, it all varies on the type of experience each person is dealing with. 51% said they were placed on hold for too long, which drove them nuts. Another 48% said being transferred over and over again got under their skin, while another 41% had to deal with a representative that was grumpy and didn’t make the situation easier.

Shockingly, more than 40% said they never found the solution to their problem when calling customer service. Forty-percent said they were abruptly hung up on during their conversation.

Avoiding customer service is virtually impossible, but Americans said their most preferred way is via email followed by the telephone, live chat, in-person and social media.