This is the surprising age when you are most adventurous

Want to know what makes someone an adventurous person?

A new study powered by OnePoll asked 2,000 Americans what were some signs of an adventurer person, which found that embracing new experiences, being spontaneous, and demonstrating curiosity on others around were the top indictors.

Three in four Americans (76%) said they considered themselves to be adventurous, according to research. At the top of the list, 73% of respondents said being open to new experiences makes someone adventurous, followed by spontaneity (63%), and always being open to trying new things (62%.)

Others said being open and excited about a new opportunity and being curious about other cultures were also signs of an adventurous person.

The top signs of an adventurous person

  1. Being open to new experiences 73%
  2. Being spontaneous 63%
  3. Always down to try new things 62%
  4. Excited about new opportunity 62%
  5. Being curious about other cultures 61%
  6. Trying new food 61%
  7. They follow their dreams 60%
  8. Being sociable 58%
  9. Always planning their next trip 57%
  10. They live in the moment 57%

The survey found that the average American feels adventurous if they seek out seven new experiences per month. However, not all Americans have the adventurous drive as Americans average six new things every month, according to the study.

While most said they consider themselves adventurous, a large majority said they wish they expanded their horizons a bit more. Sixty-eight percent wished they were more adventurous while three in four said pushing themselves to be more adventurers had a beneficial effect: it made them feel happier.

Some examples of being spontaneous included taking a domestic trip out of nowhere (47%) and another 41% saying they’ve done the same, just abroad.

But there’s also a price for being adventurous. Americans spend more than $2,000 every year on adventurous actives and peak “adventurousness” occurs at age 34, according to the survey.

So what are the most adventurous things Americans have done? Try going snorkeling in the Florida Keys with sharks and barracuda swarming are you, or maybe a visit Chernobyl.

10 of the most adventurous things Americans say they’ve done

  1. Going snorkeling in the Florida Keys with sharks and barracuda around.
  2. Came to this country without knowing anyone or knowing the language.
  3. Climbed a mountain.
  4. Going to the thick forest all by themselves.
  5. Hitchhiked from N.Y. to California.
  6. Visited Chernobyl.
  7. I moved across the country with less than 24 hours notice to pursue a business opportunity.
  8. Left my job to follow my dreams.
  9. Went to live in the Hague to do an internship abroad.
  10. Taken a 137-night around-the-world voyage by cruise ship.