Survey: This is the best city to retire in this year

New WalletHub data shows that Orlando, Florida is the best city to retire in this year, with a “total score” of 60.09 out of 100.

The company analyzed 182 American cities, “including the 150 most populated U.S. cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state,” in terms of  “activities,” “health care,” “affordability” and “quality of life.” They then looked at these factors in terms of 46 others before giving each city a score out of 100. WalletHub also used information from the U.S. Census Bureau, among many other sources.

Top 10 cities for retirement in 2018

With 182 cities on the list, these are at the top:

1) Orlando, FL: total score of 60.09

2) Scottsdale, AZ: total score of 59.36

3) Tampa, FL: total score of 58.48

4) Denver, CO: total score of 58.34

5) Fort Lauderdale, FL: total score of 57.83

6) Charleston, SC: total score of 57.20

7) Miami, FL: total score of 56.50

8) Austin, TX: total score of 55.78

9) Cape Coral, FL: total score of 55.48

10) Tempe, AZ: total score of 55.28

Newark, NJ came in last place (#182) with a total score of 33.86.

How the cities compare to each other

The infographic breaks things down.

Think about these things when picking a place to retire

Daniel Tobias, founder of Passport Wealth Management and a certified financial planner, told WalletHub about what financial things retirees should think about when choosing a location to do so.

“The most important factor is to form an idea as to how you want to live your life and what you want that lifestyle to look like. Once that goal is in place, it is easier to narrow down possible locations and then factor in cost,” he told the site. “For example, if you want to ski then the good financial choice may be to retire to Colorado or even Utah, but if you enjoy boating and the beach perhaps Florida would be the better option.

“Choosing another location, for purely cost of living reasons, might end up more expensive if it doesn’t offer your desired lifestyle and you find yourself either depressed or traveling more frequently.”