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9 realistic work perks every employee would love

Today's Top Stories August 21, 2018

How To

4 ways to tie up loose ends in your career before fall

Although I'd rather not think about it, we're just days away from September. It's time to tie up all those loose ends before fall comes around — here's how.


Madonna shows us how not to honor someone’s career at the 2018 MTV VMAs

Madonna honored soul icon Aretha Franklin, who died last week — but with a twist that left some MTV Video Music Awards viewers upset.

Job Search

Dream job alert: Cards Against Humanity is hiring writers

The pay is $40 per an hour but some people would probably do it for free for bragging rights alone. 


Survey: 21.8% of Millennials say a friend referred them for their first position

Research has found that 21.8% of Millennials say a friend referred them for their first job, compared to 26.1% of Baby Boomers and 24.8% of Generation X.


5 wrist exercises to undo your keyboard-typing damage

Besides positioning your hands properly over a keyboard, one of the best wrist treatments is remembering to stretch and move throughout the day.


7 plants to improve your office environment

These are plants that are able to filter and purify the air, as well as grow indoors with limited light sources and little-to-no intervention.

The Whole Human

The right kind of relationships: We are what we connect to

Every connection, in fact, is a relationship, and some of these connections, especially those relating to love, are better than others.

Office Life

Balancing fun and work during the dog days of summer

As we inch ever closer to Labor Day, there seems to be a slow-burn panic to have as much fun as possible while we still can. But is there a way?

Dream Job

Get paid to hang out with a bunch of cute cats on a Greek island

Move over, “Mamma Mia” — we’ve found a new Greek island dream. There’s a group on the tiny island of Syros looking for a cat caretaker.


How to take advantage of warm weather as a remote worker

Flexible arrangements allow plenty of chances to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Are you taking full advantage of the opportunities?

Personal Finance

‘Skip that latte!’ and other financial advice we hate

The world is full of terrible financial advice. Some of it is worse than others, but a certain percentage is just cringe-inducingly bad.


Three questions every ambitious person should ask themselves

"We don’t always understand the complexity, the difficulties, the responsibilities. I ask a series of three questions, instead of giving advice."


Here’s the biggest thing holding you back

The swamp is a scary, uncertain place. We may never reach the other side. In many cases, we don’t even know why we’re in the swamp in the first place.


This is how to achieve more: A simple strategy

So many of us want to accomplish more in our lives, but before we can start to achieve more, we need to set aside the “It’s not fair” mantra.


20 more weird job interview questions that have actually been asked

So you’re looking for some weird, odd, unusual job interview questions, are you? We went ahead and rounded up a fresh new batch.

The Whole Human

This 10-minute routine will increase your confidence and self-esteem

Living in alignment and intention is how you create inner confidence and peace. You can quickly learn to develop confidence and a deep sense of self-esteem.


Survey: 51% of younger Millennials feel the most stressed about relationships

New Bankrate data shows that 51% of "younger Millennials" in America feel the most anxious and stressed out about relationships.


4 tips for following up with a professional contact after what feels like forever

What happens when you go to a conference and meet a ton of new faces, but fail to follow up with them? Or when you let a year go by without contacting your mentor, who has been so invested in your development all along?


A surprising number of Americans would give up their phone for coffee

They are also willing to shell out some serious cash to quench their caffeine thirst.


Survey: 39% of IT hiring managers say the hardest thing to gauge is one’s ‘technical skills’

New research shows that 39% of IT hiring managers say the hardest thing to gauge during a tech job interview is one’s "technical skills." 


This is the resume lie that disgraced a political candidate

Let the story of Melissa Howard, a disgraced Florida Legislature candidate, be your cautionary tale on why you shouldn't fake details of your resume.

Personal Finance

Millennials who feel financially secure more likely to listen to classical music

Our social status can be seen in the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and, as one new survey points out, it can also be heard by the music we prefer.


Phone calls, saying ‘no’ and staying ready

Be bold. Make calls. Make a checklist. Address every item. Don’t skimp on the preparation phase. Your future self will thank you.

Morning Routine

Tiffani Thiessen’s morning routine hack is something we can all do more of

Of all the characters on Saved by the Bell you know Kelly Kapowski was definitely a morning person (you have to be peppy at those early morning cheerleading practices.) And it turns out the woman that made her such a beloved character, Tiffani Thiessen, is too.


How to not drift through life and get what you really want

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to drift through life, without direction or purpose? Maybe you’ve noticed that about your own life.

In case you missed it:


Study finds that ‘very unattractive’ people make more money

A study from the Journal of Business and Psychology of 20,000 young Americans, interviewed the subjects at home at age 16 and then three more times before they turned 29-years-old. The researchers looked at the correlation between attractiveness and income of the participants based on a five-point scale of physical attractiveness from "very unattractive" to "very attractive." They found something very interesting when it came to looks and earnings...


This is the surprising benefit of going for that third cup of coffee

That first cup of coffee in the morning is absolutely needed to wake you up. The second cup of coffee a bit later keeps the momentum up. The third cup is when you start to feel a bit guilty and doubt your sense of self. But this new study will help get rid of that guilt.


Stanford professor: The workplace is literally killing us

No good employer is going to outright say that they kill you, but new research finds that too many modern workplaces are grim reapers inflicting a fatal amount of stress on our bodies and minds.

You must meet one-on-one with your new hire in the first week … or else