5 color-themed holiday gifts to help your loved ones spruce up their home in 2021

I also get gift-giving anxiety this time of year, and (pardon the pun), thinking outside the box will be necessary this holiday season when thinking of thoughtful yet utilitarian gifts for family.

If you’re like me and are completely banging your head up against the wall trying to think of the perfect something to buy your partner this year–that will actually be useful– look no further than this list. Etsy named “Sky Blue” the color that’s absolutely trending in all things home-goods.

Many of us are spending more and more precious time at home these days so any of these 5 home improvement amenities in the shade “2021’s it color sky blue” are sure to be a hit.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase sky blue? I think of one of my favorite Willie Nelson songs, Blue Skies. Whenever I needed a boost this year I sat out in the sun, soaked up some vitamin D, and played Nelson’s hopeful tune, a ballad of a promise for a brighter tomorrow.

Researchers who study consumer trends over at Etsy seem to agree with my prior sentiment in this recent press release here.

“This past year was difficult for many of us and while there are still so many hurdles to overcome, hope is on the horizon and there is a renewed sense of gratitude and connection to our communities. Etsy’s color of the year perfectly represents this, while offering tranquility and further connecting us to nature.”

Perhaps that is why people are looking to fill their homes with a flourish of optimistic blue. Whether it be an accented rug or a paint upgrade as a home improvement project to keep you occupied in the dog-days of winter, here are some cool holiday gift ideas to give your kin this holiday season!

1. Sky blue stationery

This quarantine has me dipping back into all sorts of victorian era hobbies like sewing and sending sentimental letters to friends. It seriously makes my day to get a handwritten letter from a friend I haven’t been able to link up with this year. Hopefully 2021 we’ll actually be able to get back to planning the big events we had to postpone in 2020 so you’ll have plenty of cheery stationery at your disposal to send those mass invites.(Plus, it’s a perfect vessel to send holiday postcards to hang on your fridge this festive yule.)

2. Sky blue area rug

Do you really want to pull that common room together and add a little splash of vibrant color at the same time? A light blue area rug in the middle of the living room can add a nice pop of color in the middle of winter when the outside is looking drab and dark before 5 pm. With most people working from home these days it’s also a nice plush companion to kick your feet up on the way to work (to your sectional couch.)

3. Throw blanket with a light blue theme

Having a nice plush blanket at your disposal when you’re doing some leisure reading in your free time is an absolute game-changer. I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely stocked up on my quarantine library so along with a strong cup of medium roast coffee a nice sky blue, soft, plush blanket would round out the perfect Saturday afternoon for me. This is a pretty cost-effective gift idea for friends and family too!

4. Linen tablecloth in sky blue

Many of us were thrust into quarantine chef and “quarista” roles when small businesses and restaurants shut down. With stricter quarantine lockdowns on the horizon, why not make your own dining room aesthetic rival the one of a Michelin 5 star rated restaurant in New York City? Linen table cloths are pretty easy to clean and it’ll add a nice tranquil touch to your dining experience at home. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer since everyone is cooking at home these days!

5. Kitchenware with a soft azure accent

As I mentioned above so many of us are skipping Sunday brunch and presenting a bevy of eggs benedict and a pitcher of home squeezed mimosas in our own homes. You can only make the same boring pasta dishes every night so it might be a fun idea to get some bright colored kitchenware to encourage the people in your house to get creative with their next big meal. Trust me, I miss going out to eat inside restaurants right now but the most recent data on rising COVD-19 cases deters me from making that reservation. Make it a weekly ritual with your roommates to plan a big communal meal using your new kitchenette set with the perfect playlist in the background! Pour out the mimosas early, 2020 hasn’t taken everything from us.