How Rebel Wilson ‘manifested’ her success

Rebel Wilson is an unlikely star, a plus-size Australian actress who catapulted into American fame with Bridesmaids in 2011.

Now, the woman who grew up a shy girl in a rough-and-tumble part of Sydney and didn’t get a manicure before age 25 is the epitome is success on multiple levels: attending the Givenchy show in Paris, starring in an Australian crime series, and starring in a Hollywood movie with Anne Hathaway. She has a new perfume, Rebelle, plus a clothing line and shoe line in the works.

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Against the odds, she always knew she’d make it, she told In Style.

” … weirdly, I always believed I would be rich and successful even as a very young child, and I would say that to people. If you manifest [what you want], I really do think it comes true.”

Who knew Rebel was a believer in “The Secret”? But she’s not stopping there – while the rest of her success, she says, is up to her, she still predicts it with a medium-like precision.

“I feel like I’m only going to get more successful. That’s up to me. I’m going to get into more diverse acting roles because people haven’t seen the extent of my talent. I love the roles I play, but, obviously, I can do a lot more. I feel the same with all my businesses too.”

Don’t be surprised if Rebel wins an Oscar someday, because she’s manifested that, too. When she was 17, she developed malaria, complete with hallucinations. Her visions told her that she’d end up on stage receiving an Academy Award. The event inspired her to go into acting, of course.

Perhaps we can all take a cue from Wilson when it comes to approaching our success.

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