84% of Millennials believe they’re currently working their dream job

Over a third (37%) of employees ranked “good work-life balance” as most important to giving work meaning according to an online-course destination Udemy released in their 2019 Workplace Happiness Report.

The results of the report, a survey of 1,000 U.S. office workers, were broken down by generation, and, as usual, Millennials stood out.

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Only 25% of Millennials picked work-life balance as the most important thing (they chose “constantly learning, growing, developing” as number one), but other generations were on-board. Gen Z made it their first priority (42%), as did Gen x (40%), and Baby Boomers (48%).

While an optimistic 69% of all respondents said they were currently in their “dream job,” a soaring 84% of Millennials said they were workin’ the dream.

Yet, they were also full of contradictions, with 70% responding that they would rather have a shorter commute to a less fulfilling job.

A majority (62%) of workers overall would take a pay cut to work for a company with a mission they believed in. However, that number spiked when it comes to Millennials, at 78%, and dropped when it comes to Gen X (43%) or Boomers (43%).

Millennials seem to have a pretty nice setup when it comes to work flexibility – 62% are able to set their own schedules, and 50% can work remotely when they want. However, when those numbers are broken out by gender, a disturbing gap appears.

Among Millennial men, 57% are able to set their own schedules. Among Millennial women, only 36% are able to.

And when it comes to working remotely, 45% of Millennial men are able to work remotely when they want. Only 36% of Millennial women are able to do so.

Overall, however, a solid 90% of employees overall agree or strongly agree that they find meaning in their careers.

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