4 companies that tailor to female entrepreneurs

Today, only 17% of entrepreneurs are women. And 5% of the world’s executives are female. Even so, women business leaders are among the most successful and impactful, as they lead their companies differently — and often, more emphatically — than men.

As more and more ladies continue to push against the infamous glass ceiling, service providers are able to pinpoint areas where they can promote and advance women with specialty services and opportunities. From web developers who aim to help females get online faster to publicists and conferences that teach invaluable skills, here are just a few companies that tailor to women entrepreneurs and executives.

If you’re thinking about going out on a limb or advancing your career, it’s worth an email to these powerful movers-and-shakers:

This woman created a full-service web development company for females

Jessica Tatham worked in the male-dominated tech industry for several years before taking a leap of faith to start her own full-service web development company. In addition to the desire to be her own boss, set her own hours and work from wherever she wanted, she also identified a hole within the market she knew she could fulfill. Though she was lucky to work with motivating and supportive male mentors, she was one of the few females at her company. This fact alone was enough to inspire her to create a platform for female executives and entrepreneurs to tell their story digitally. “I became really frustrated by the lack of women in the industry but mostly by the intimidation factor around technology in general. I knew there was a need out there for a business that took care of both these problems,” she shared.

Her company, DevelopHER Designs has created online destinations for a slew of different professionals — from public relations superstars and animal conservationists to charitable fashion lines founders and beyond. In addition to growing her own career and reach, Tatham says working with females has been an empowering experience on a personal level, too. “Women are more open to new ideas and discussion. They can be very kind and thankful, but also strong in their preferences and make working on a project easy and more seamless,” she continues. Tatham is currently taking on new clients with packages available for solopreneurs and companies of any size. Learn more at DevelopHERDesigns.com.

This woman hosts a workshop that aims to help women speak at more keynotes

Consider the conferences and conventions you’ve attended throughout your career. As you look back, how many of the keynote speakers have been female? While the preferred answer would be 50% or higher, women are far less likely to reap this invitation than their male counterparts. That’s why Jess Ekstrom founded Mic Drop Workshop, with the mission to find more female speakers for keynote opportunities. “As my speaking career has developed, I was continuously the ‘token woman’ in lineups and rarely see an even representation of female voices on stage,” she shared.

In response, she offers this women-only class that aims to give women the skills and confidence they need to book paid speaking engagements. “The course provides all of the nuts and bolts of speaking from crafting your talk, to branding yourself, to negotiating your rate,” she explains. As part of the experience, women who take this course also have access to a community of others, creating a network of women who support and help one another. “As a female entrepreneur, I love working with women because I can relate to so many of the barriers women face in business. But because of the steeper climb, it also instills a sense of community and collaboration among women that I want to foster and amplify,” she adds. You can learn more about signing up for this course at MicDropWorkshop.com.

This woman offers a co-working space with childcare

If you’re an entrepreneur, it can sometimes be difficult to manage all of your other job titles—like mother, partner, household accountant and the list goes on. Katherine Carlin wanted to create an environment and space where women didn’t have to choose between being trailblazers and being mothers. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, her co-working space — appropriately titled — Equal Play, provides high-quality childcare as an amenity at coworking spaces. “We show women that you can be an entrepreneur and a mother — even if you are single — because this community has your back. We are here to help you feel fulfilled as a professional and as a parent,” she continues.

So why childcare? Carlin says it’s a necessity for working women, so it shouldn’t even be a question if it’s offered. “Having offices and childcare onsite eliminates unnecessary separation anxiety between mothers and infants/toddlers that can act as a barrier to focus and productivity. The furnished office space at The Garden has all of the amenities you would expect from great coworking spaces. We also provide snacks and meals to children, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. All you have to do is show up with your laptop and your child and we will take care of the rest,” she says. You can learn more about this space and the company at EqualPlay.Space.

This woman represents female entrepreneurs

Having worked in media relations for various beauty brands over the past decade, when Elyse Koenig decided to start her own consultancy company, she gave herself the opportunity to be picky with her clients. Quickly, it became clear what impact she could have on the women-owned businesses of the space. “The beauty industry is full of incredible women, so there are lots of inspiring brands to choose from, but most of the larger beauty conglomerates are still headed by men. By purposefully choosing female-founded companies, I aim to elevate these brands and help more women stay in the driver’s seat in the industry,” she explains.

Today, she offers public relations and influencer relations, as well as sales and overall brand strategy for her plethora of female clients. She finds the process of representing and raising women to their highest potential an exciting experience, as well as an easy one. “I have found that especially working on my own as a consultant, there’s a comforting camaraderie with other female entrepreneurs. We understand and respect each other’s hustle and know the challenges women face in the workplace. There’s mutual admiration and the desire to lift each other up,” she shares.