32% of Americans are doing this mindless activity “almost constantly”

With the increased popularization of smartphones, 32% of American adults say they’re on their mobile-connected smartphones “almost constantly,” according to a recent Pew Research Center Survey. Scrolling social media, using apps, browsing the internet, checking email – all of those that, and more we probably can’t even think of.

You’re likely to be online more often if you have access to mobile connectivity – i.e., using the internet from your phones. A full 86% of Americans use the internet from their smartphones at least occasionally, and from that number, 92% go online using their phones daily, and 32% “almost constantly.”

When it comes to the Internet in general, 81% of Americans report going online daily, and 28% report being online “constantly.” That’s up from 21% in 2015. With tablets in addition to laptops and regular computers, there are more options than ever to be online “almost constantly.”

Also included in that number is the 45% say they’re online “several times a day,” and a rare 9% that goes online just once daily. (Just 8% go online only a couple times a week or less.)

Constant stimulation

Most of the heaviest Internet users are young. Of the 28% of people who are online constantly, 48% of those people are between the ages of 18 and 29.

However, older people are slowly turning into heavier Internet users. The number of “constantly online” Americans ages 50 to 64  has risen from 12% in 2015 to 19% in 2019.

With so much use, some people are finding that they don’t want to be away from their devices. Data from Pew that came out last year reported that 42% of teenagers felt anxious if they were away from their phones.

In related news, a survey found that 60% from Millennials checked their phones at least within 10 minutes of opening their eyes in the morning, a YouGov survey found that 28% of adults spent part of their day holding their phone in their hand, and a recent study found that 88% of people have admitted to eating most of their meals in front of a screen.