26% of people would quit their jobs to get a year’s worth of this everyday thing

Insomniac? Restless legs? Wake up three or four times a night? Perhaps you’ve tried everything to be able to sleep better – NyQuil, lavender air diffuser, blackout blinds. But what if you could make some real-life trade-offs in order to get good zzzzs? Best Mattress Brand surveyed 1,009 people across the country who described themselves as “poor sleepers” and asked them exactly what they’d be willing to give up to sleep peacefully for a whole year.

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26% of all employed respondents would quit their jobs to get a year of impeccable sleep.

For those who won’t quit:

  • Nearly one in four were willing to take a 20% pay cut, on average, for a year’s worth of splendid sleep
  • In addition, 18.6% would give up a promotion
  • 27.8 would give up a 10% raise

Creature comforts

What “extras” were bad sleepers willing to let go of to slumber, wonderfully, for a year?

  • Food delivery: 69.7%
  • Ride-sharing: 67.9%
  • Premium cable: 65.9%
  • Podcasts: 62.2%
  • Political affiliation: 53.4%
  • Watching favorite sports team: 52.8%

Other than one’s political affiliation, none of those seemed to difficult to give up. The things people were extremely unwilling to let go of, no matter how much they were doomed to toss and turn every night, had to do with technology. Only 11.1% were willing to give up their computer, just 9.8% willing to let go of their smartphone, and hardly anyone – just 4.8% – was willing to give up Wifi.

Saying goodbye

The next step to attaining perfect repose, according to this survey, is choosing which people to cut out of your life.

On average, people were willing to go nine days without seeing their children, 23 days without seeing their spouse, and – oops! – 69 days without seeing their parents.

Interestingly, women were willing to go a week longer than men without seeing their spouse in exchange for a year of ideal sleep.

Meanwhile, back in the real world

Since we can’t actually sacrifice people, promotions, or things for better sleep, here’s some sleep advice instead, like a list of long-held sleep beliefs that are actually sleep myths. Check out the best bedroom temperature for sleeping, foods you can eat for higher quality sleep, and five tricks to fall asleep fast.

You’ll be off to a year’s worth of wonderful sleep in no time.

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