Ladders $200,000 jobs analyses reveals remote work availability, degree requirements have biggest impact on top tier salaries

  • The top jobs that pay $200,000+ are concentrated in two fields and require advanced degrees
  • Only about 12% of the highest paying jobs are available remotely 
  • Ladders High Paying Jobs Competition Index shows least competition for healthcare-related jobs

New York, New York, (February 22, 2024) – New research from Ladders, the career site for jobs that pay $100,000 or more annually, revealed secrets to getting the highest paying jobs. “The data shows if you want the highest paying jobs available right now, you should hold an advanced degree and expect to work in person. If you are willing to do those two things, you will face low competition for jobs in your field,” said John Mullinix, Director of Marketing at Ladders who led the research team.

For decades, a $100,000 salary has been the gold standard for job applicants. But now, with inflation wreaking havoc on family budgets, many job seekers say $200,000 is their new salary milestone. Based on the increased demand for higher wages, Ladders initiated the $200,000 Jobs Study. 

When it comes to high paying jobs, go big or go home

The research showed applicants increasingly have to choose between going with the biggest paycheck or getting to stay home,” said Mullinix. Remote work opportunities for the highest wage earners have fallen every quarter since Q3 of 2022. Remote listings for jobs that pay $200,000 or more declined from 37% to just 12% between Q3 2022 and Q4 2023. The trend was clear in both technology and non-technology sectors.

Top 20 jobs that pay $200,000 or more

The top jobs that pay $200,000 or more have two commonalities: They require in person work and they require advanced degrees. Mullinix said, “It makes sense that many of the highest paying jobs have these requirements. Obviously your dentist will have advanced schooling and won’t be able to fill your cavity remotely.”

Despite many companies and career experts saying there’s a renewed focus on skills-based hiring, data shows the highest paying jobs still require advanced degrees. 

1. Family Practitioner/General Practitioner
2. Dentist – DDS / DMD
3. General Dentist
4. Primary Care Physician
5. Associate Dentist
6. Physician
7. Principal Software Engineer
8. Senior Software Engineer
9. Family Medicine Physician
10. Psychiatrist
11. Sales Representative
12. Outpatient Psychiatrist
13. Public Relations Vice President, Cybersecurity
14. Adult Psychiatrist
15. Dentist
16. OGC | Deloitte Automated Systems & AI Legal Counsel
17. Dentist – DDS/DMD
18. Software Engineer III
19. SAP CPQ Senior Consultant
20. Seasonal Tax Delivery Manager – Global Employer Services

Ladders High Paying Jobs Competition Index reveals job titles with the most applicant competition

To determine the type of job openings with the most competition, Ladders divided the number of high paying jobs in a particular field by the number of applications submitted within that field. Marketing, Media & Design applicants face the most competition for jobs that pay $200,000 or more annually. If you’re looking for a job role with the least competition, healthcare is your best bet. Mullinix noted, “When you look at the Ladders High Paying Jobs Competition Index, you see a clear supply and demand relationship. Healthcare jobs account for such a large share of jobs that pay $200,000 or more because there aren’t enough professionals available to fill those roles. Considering America’s aging population and increasing need for medical professionals, I expect healthcare will remain a top high paying job for decades to come.” 

Job RoleJobs/Job Applies =
Competition index
Accounting & Finance36.60%
Engineering & Construction9.20%
Human Resources & Legal66.10%
Marketing, Media & Design108.10%
Operations & General Management94.50%
Project Development & Project Management42.10%
Sales & Business Development75.60%
Science & Education9.60%

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