This group of workers sleeps on the job more than any other

Employees in some industries have a habit of sleeping on the job in certain places — but some people do so more than others. Research from Amerisleep shows that construction workers are sleeping on the job (despite not being allowed to) more than any other industry.

The company surveyed more than 1,000 people via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and revealed how many respondents from each industry say they catch up on rest at work. Here are some of the data points that stand out.

Here’s who shouldn’t be sleeping at work — but do it anyway

The research found that a large number of people sleep at work, even though they’re not supposed to.

What industries nap the most and how often do people do it?

The research also broke down which industries napped the most (counting those that are allowed to and those prohibited from doing so), with tech workers leading the way — although many in this field are encouraged to do so and even have facilities provided for them:

  1. Technology: 70.0%
  2. Construction: 68.2%
  3. Government and Public Administration: 63.5%
  4. Finance and Insurance: 58.9%
  5. Information Services and Data Processing: 58.0%
  6. Manufacturing: 52.6%
  7. Transportation and Warehousing: 52.6%
  8. Medical and Health Care: 52.1%
  9. Education: 45.6%
  10. Wholesale and Retail: 42.9%

The research then went on to show just how many naps people say they take at work in a month:

  • 1 nap: 30.0%
  • 2 naps: 20.5%
  • 3 naps: 12.0%
  • 4 naps: 9.0%
  • 5 naps: 9.7%
  • 6+ naps: 16.8%

Sleeping at work, by salary level

The research showed the number of days a month that people sleep on the job, on average, with those in the highest income bracket — $100K or more — doing it the least:

  • Below $10K: 4.0 days
  • $10K-$14.9K: 3.5 days
  • $15K-$24.9K: 3.5 days
  • $25K-$34.9K: 3.7 days
  • $35K-$49.9K: 2.7 days
  • $50K-$74.9K: 3.2 days
  • $75K-$99.9K: 2.5 days
  • $100K and up: 2.4 days