Survey: The secret to a successful life is apparently tied to your mouth

If you want to become successful, break out your dental floss. According to a new Porch survey of over 1,000 people, the most successful people were disciplined about their dental care regimen, among other self-care habits.

In the survey, respondents were asked to self-report their levels of success and fulfillment and discuss their regular habits.

Cleanliness and healthy choices were what separated people who were winning at life and those who felt they were just doing okay.

Successful people floss, exercise and take vitamins more

We all want to know the habits of the most successful people so that we can copy their routine and make it our own. Turns out, taking care of your body’s needs can increase the likelihood that you will meet your success goals. In the survey, highly successful people made a point to floss and brush their teeth regularly.

Successful people, in general, were more likely to pay particular attention to their physical health. They took vitamins, flossed, and exercised more than unsuccessful people.

They kept their homes tidy and organized. They cleaned their car, made the bed, scrubbed their kitchen, and did their laundry more than unsuccessful people.

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They also paid attention to their mental health and meditated, a habit proven to keep us afloat during work crises. “Meditation was the habit around which successful and unsuccessful people differed most in several key life categories: friendships, jobs, mental health, professional growth, and stress,” the survey states.

Interestingly, despite all the proven benefits of journaling, it did not correlate with success in the survey. The benefits of these self-care habits show us that if you want to achieve your career goals, it starts in the body. Taking care of your home and your health can give you the best mindset to take care of business at work.