Report shows gap between what employees want – flexibility and wellness – and what they get

When it comes to well-being and work-life balance, there’s a large gap between what employees want and what they are getting from their employers, according to the new Human Capital Trends report from Deloitte, the world’s largest consulting firm.

Employees are prioritizing their quality of life at work just as much as their lives outside it more, it seems, and expect companies to keep up with both when it comes up to offering well-being perks and programs that will help them — and their workflow — both on and off the clock.

According to the report, the most lusted-after work-life offerings center around job flexibility, childcare, and more attention to wellness programs like mental health. But employers can’t or won’t keep up:

  • 86% of employees value a flexible schedule, while just 50% of companies deliver
  • 78% value telecommuting, while just 28% of companies deliver
  • 60% value mental-health counseling, while just 28% of companies deliver
  • 53% value back-up daycare, while just 8% of companies deliver

In fact, employees have shown they are willing to forgo higher pay in exchange for some of these benefits.

Last year, Entrepreneur surveyed 300 employees and found that — if offered a 10% cut in pay — 42% of people would gladly take the pay cut in exchange for flexible hours, and 42% would take the cut in exchange for working remotely.