Survey: Employees say this type of music boosts productivity

While research has found that millennials who feel like their finances are secure are more likely to listen to classical music, a new survey from staffing firm Accountemps shows that among office workers who say listening to music at work helps them get more done, “pop” is the top genre that boosts their productivity.

But overall, 85% of those surveyed who were allowed to tune into songs while at work said that they like to do so, compared to 15% who say that they do not.

In terms of how the survey was carried out, An independent research firm polled more than 1,000 adult office workers in the U.S., and Accountemps came up with the survey.

Workers say these genres boost their productivity

Among workers who say that music helps them work better, here’s the full list of the genres that contribute to the feeling:

1) “Pop”

2) “Rock”

3) “Country”

4) “Alternative”

5) “Classical”

6) “Hip hop/rap”

7) “Jazz”

8) “Blues”

9) “Heavy metal”

10) “Other”

How people fare at work when they can hear music

Here’s how people with the option to listen to music at work weighed in:

  • “Much more productive:” 39%
  • “Somewhat more productive:” 32%
  • “Somewhat less productive:” 6%
  • “Not productive at all:” 1%
  • “Has no impact on my productivity:” 22%

It’s clear that listening to music impacts people to varying degrees in the office.

Keeping this in mind, Michael Steinitz, executive director of Accountemps, commented on the research in a statement.

“While music can be a stress reliever or source of motivation for many workers, it can be a distraction for others … Those who want to listen to music in the office need to be aware of company policies and considerate toward their colleagues,” he said.

But while 44% of workers overall said that they can listen to tunes at work without “restrictions,” 38% also say they can, but have to do things like plug in headphones because of existing rules around this. Plus, nine percent said listening to music isn’t permitted in their workplace, and 10% said they weren’t sure. These responses were rounded.

Either way, if you’re someone who likes to listen to your favorite music at work, you might want to check out these tips for using it to bump up your level of productivity.