Cool summer: Dunkin’ Donuts set to release coffee flavored beer

Harpoon Brewery and Dunkin’ have joined forces again.

The two iconic distributors intend to salute the long awaited warm weather with a new beverage called The Harpoon Dunkin’ Summer Pale Ale – a combination of Dunkin’s original coffee blend and a bright pale ale.

The coffee infused pale ale is currently on sale but it’s only sticking around for the summer months, then it’s back to day-drinking in the privacy of your company’s bathroom. The roasty feel-good cross-breed comes in 12 oz cans as well as drafts and contains 5% ABV.

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According to Dan Kenary, the CEO and co-founder of Harpoon Brewery, the Dunkin Summer Coffee Pale Ale is hoppy, vibrant and boasts a nice coffee character. “I just depleted the last of my stash of Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter the other day so, selfishly, the timing on this launch couldn’t be better,” Kenary claims.

Last October, Dunkin and Harpoon came together to create the Dunkin’ Coffee porter. The label read, “beloved Dunkin coffee brings robust roasts notes to this balanced and smooth coffee porter,” and it was generally well reviewed amongst fans.  

Upon first hearing, the combination may not seem to make much sense but the numbers spoke for themselves the first go-round. According to a press statement from the Boston based brewery, millions of pints were dished out to eager customers in the short span of its release.

The folks over at Dunkin’ are excited to introduce a similar hybrid beverage in time for summer, believing it will pair well with other popular summer foods like “coffee-rubbed brisket” and “chipotle chicken tacos.”

If you have a hunkering for a nice twitchy buzz, you have about four moths to get your hands on a Harpoon Dunkin’ Summer Pale Ale.

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