This is the actual difference between half-full and half-empty thinkers

Have you ever wondered what’s different between someone who views a glass as half-full compared to someone who sees it half-empty?

A new study conducted by OnePoll dug into the dilemma and found it pays to be someone who views a glass as half full as those who do are considered more optimistic thinkers and have better personality traits such as decisiveness, playfulness, and creativity.

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The findings

The research, which examined 2,000 Americans, said that 58% of participants viewed the glass as half-full, as just 16% saw it as half-empty.

Compared to half-full thinkers, half-empty types were seen to be more laid back, more introverted, serious and more proud. Nearly half of half-empty thinkers said they were more optimistic than pessimistic despite the characteristic traits.

Aside from being more optimistic, half-full thinkers also like to enjoy more me-time. Half-full respondents said they spend 21 hours per week on hobbies, compared to just 14 hours by half-empty thinkers. In addition, they are more playful and practical. They are also morning people who are considered more playful, practical, and adaptable.

Both labels differentiated when it came to social media use, too. Half-full thinkers were more likely to use Twitter while half-empty types preferred Instagram, as well as being night people.