Survey: 14% of women use streaming services every day

Let’s face it: Who hasn’t spent hours on the couch, tuning into TV shows and movies on a streaming site before? But while hopping onto a streaming site to catch up on your faves every once in a while is one thing, doing this every day of the week is another thing entirely.

But while there are some TV shows that may even help you get a leg up in your career, a recent survey from COUNTRY Financial found that 14% of women “use services like Netflix” daily. Only nine percent of men do this just as frequently.

The research also found that “four-in-ten (42 percent) are sharing mobile plans and shopping accounts (41 percent) like Amazon Prime and Costco.”

But the results were also wide-ranging — overall, 54% surveyed “are using some type of streaming, ride-hailing, home sharing or maintenance service often.” But just 3% reported using things like these to make money.

Independent research firm GfK surveyed 1,006 American adults for COUNTRY Financial.

The nature of sharing streaming services in America

The data shows that a whopping 74% of Americans who take advantage of TV streaming sites such as Hulu and Netflix (the two most popular sites, at 47%) let other people use their accounts. Sound familiar?

In addition, 36% of people surveyed “who share their accounts, log-ins and passwords” aren’t having people help pay for the monthly expenses.

Here’s who gets to be part of a shared account:

  • “Family:” 73%
  • “Significant others:” 34%
  • “Friends:” 10%
  • “Ex-significant others:” 2%

Americans also take advantage of other services

As mentioned, more than 50% surveyed take advantage of all these different services “often.” But still, three in five people who make money using Uber or Lyft say they haven’t bought insurance for those they drive, or even for themselves.

Here’s what people use to make cash:

  • “Uber and Lyft:” 2 in 5 people
  • “Airbnb:” 1 in 5 people
  • “TaskRabbit:” 1 in 7 people

But the data also shows how much money people spend on different services — when it comes to “things like Uber rides, Netflix and Airbnb,” 72% of Americans surveyed say they shell out less than $50 monthly.

Doyle Williams, an executive vice president at COUNTRY Financial, commented on the research in a statement:

“Individuals who are considering earning income through the sharing economy should keep their goals in mind, whether it’s paying down debt, saving for retirement or just paying the bills. Working in the sharing economy can mean drastic shifts in income, so creating a budget is vital,” he said.

This data certainly makes you think about how much you spend on regular conveniences.