Survey: 16% of people have made ‘a business connection’ on a flight

There are flights where you sit next to someone who seems like they’d rather be sitting next to anyone else but you, and then there are ones where you meet someone who adds something positive to your day … or maybe even your career.

In fact, new data from the bank HSBC shows that 16% of people surveyed have made “a business connection” on a flight.

The bank studied the global travel economy and came up with an imaginary place called “Flyland.” While the data shows that 11.9 million fly internationally daily, the most-spoken language is English. Spanish came in second. The average age of fliers is 45 and 69% of people surveyed have reached a “degree level or above.”

In terms of how HSBC’s research was done, the press release reports that BDRC surveyed 2,150 “recent flight bookers over 18 years of age, weighted to represent the universe of global international travelers in the air by location of departure and class of travel, using industry data.

What interactions with other people are like on flights

Most of the responses were positive options, except for a classic one:

  • “Start a conversation with a stranger:” 51%
  • “Forge a business connection:” 16%
  • “Make a long-lasting friend:” 14%
  • “Met the love of their life:” 1 in 50

“And if traveling with those you know, please be prepared to argue” as there are 3.1 million verbal fights daily.

Eighty-three percent of people “in Flyland” feel like “they now understand the world better,” and the most popular positive thing that’s happened to fliers personally is “feeling more independent” at 77%.

Here’s how people recharge while aboard

While fliers watch 15.3 million films daily, 26% are action films, 21% are comedy and 13% are thrillers. They also “catch up on” 10 million emails a day, listen to 60.3 million songs in that same time period, and watch 9.2 million TV programs in a day.

In terms of what people are reading, here’s a breakdown of the genres: History (16%), Thrillers (12%), Romance (11%) and Murder mysteries (10%).

What’s your go-to method for getting comfortable during a flight?