Twitter has a field day predicting what Elon Musk will announce next

Elon Musk was the topic of conversation on Twitter today as a viral new hashtag took over that was started by popular Twitter account Insomnia Tags.

The hashtag “ElonMuskJustAnnounced” went viral Monday afternoon after the account encouraged users to guess what the billionaire’s next big move or announcement would be.

Some took the game seriously, predicting that he’s “building a satellite” or that he’s the new person in charge of the Mars mission.

But some of the best responses to the hashtag were farfetched, creative and much like Musk himself, conversation starters.

Here were some of our favorites:

Musk himself has been known to cause a stir on Twitter, drawing harsh criticism after many said that he was responsible for the whiplash volatility of certain crypto coins (mainly Bitcoin and Dogecoin) based on his tweets.

The billionaire has yet to get in on the game himself, his last tweet being on Sunday where he posted a picture of Raptor engines.

Tesla was up over 128% year-over-year as of late Monday afternoon.