SoulCycle just made your work commute a whole lot better

When you find a workout that works for you it is a miraculous thing. For me that workout is SoulCycle. Now a big reason it has become my go-to form of exercise is because it is a high intensity cardio class that is a very appealing 45 minutes, but another huge part of it is the music. SoulCycle is a spin class that has you riding on the beat of the music so as you can imagine this is an extremely important aspect if you love a good beat. After all you are just sitting on a bike that goes nowhere but with the right music, you are taken somewhere completely different. The music is really the essence of the workout so even if you take away the fancy studio, bikes, inspirational instructor and trendy workout clothes, you can still get that adrenaline rush. And now SoulCycle and Apple Music have essentially done just that. Get ready people who bike to work because soon you are going to be dancing on your commute.

As part of their newly launched media division, SoulCycle has partnered with Apple Music to launch a suite of exclusive tracks and playlists to bring their unique sound to a global audience. This could transform your commute to work whether you are biking, driving or even walking. With playlists with titles such as “You Got This” and “Sweat It Out,” curated by instructors and musicians, how could you not be inspired for your work day?

Cycle your soul anywhere

Having these playlists available could also be a game changer for business travel. As a recent survey on millennials and business travel reported, not being able to workout while traveling is a major complaint amongst this group. If you have access to a great playlist even doing jumping jacks in your hotel room will be better. However, with a number of hotels partnering with workout brands, like The W Hotels and The Mile High Run Club, this just makes it even easier. Plus, exercise can reduce stress, depression, help you sleep better and increase your creative energy.

Or you could just listen to one of the playlists while you work and watch the productivity flow. Several studies have shown that music can improve productivity. Essentially you can now experience the joy of a SoulCycle class without ever setting foot in the studio.

In addition to music being featured on Apple Music there will also be live concert performances all over the country with one kicking off in New York this month.