These are 10 of the worst (and real) sick day excuses

Did you know that in England the first Monday of February is when the greatest amount of employees call in sick?

According to Employment Law Experts (ELAS) in 2017 on this Monday 350,000 employees called in sick. Even though they are Brits the Super Bowl does contribute to this as well as it being the first weekend after Dry January (meaning everyone went hard over the weekend to make up for being so good all month) and in the UK it is the first post-Christmas payday.

All in all, there is a significant number of people in this group who are probably not sick. So what excuse do they use? Some pretty ridiculous ones it turns out according to a new survey from PerkBox.

Here are 10 of the most ridiculous “Sickie day” excuses ranked from best to worst.

Interestingly, 44% of those surveyed believe that the ‘sickie’ culture may be heightened by employees who have a zero work ethic and are abusing the system. However, at the same time, almost half of those polled believe the reason why employees fake being sick (or have some sort of cat food-related incident) is that they are unhappy, depressed and burned out in their jobs and/or private lives. 

Hannah Sims, Product Manager at Perkbox Medical said in a company statement, “UK employees aren’t hard wired to be deceptive or to skive off work. “Sickies” result from a lack of engagement in the work employees do or in the business they work for, and are often telling of more serious issues.”