These six tired puppies are working hard to become fierce police dogs

Taiwan’s police forces have a new pack of pups on their hands.

A dog in the NPA’s K-9 unit just had six puppies, who are being groomed to serve the organization’s Anti Bomb and Drug unit, according to Mashable. The publication said they were reportedly born on May 9, according to the NPA.

A spokesperson for the NPA told Mashable about their plans for the pups.

“The puppies’ mom, named Yellow, is in the K-9 unit….the department that [deals with] anti drug and anti bomb [issues]…We will train the puppies to join our police duties,” the spokesperson told the publication.

These puppies will have a big job to do, and are an example of nurturing young talent.

So what could all this cuteness possibly be named? They go by Full Moon, Lucky Star, Feida, Brother, Schumann, and AJ.  Their mom is reportedly one of 22 in K-9 unit.

The cutest little bunch of puppies

Photos of the puppies were uploaded to the NPA’s Facebook page last week.


Posted by NPA 署長室 on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

These puppies already have a fan in this Twitter user.

The same user followed up with wishful thinking.

This user thinks the pups are super easy on the eyes.

The beauty of working animals

From Gavel, a “Vice-Regal Dog” at Queensland’s Government House in Australia, to Ollie, a Staffordshire terrier with a fake identity who fooled seven global medical journals into thinking she was a human academic, there’s something we can all learn from working animals: there’s a lot of value in hard work.

Whether you’re Alpha the service dog, who was so loyal, he earned a picture in a high school yearbook, or New Zealand Police’s guinea pig in police uniform named Constable Elliot, who gives out safety tips and raises awareness, it’s clear that being good at your job while raising the spirits of colleagues is the true path to success.

But if there’s one thing Taiwan’s little police pups can also teach us, it’s that there really is nothing wrong with getting ready for your professional career at a young age.