Here’s some good news for the 28 million of you with a dad bod

Having a dad bod continues to have its benefits.

More and more people see it as welcoming as ever after a new survey found that not only do women consider if attractive, but more than half said it was sexy for a man to have a body considered a dad bod.

A survey conducted by Kelton Global interviewed Americans to get their perception on the dad body. A dad bod is considered a balance between someone who works out but isn’t exactly counting calories with weekend social activities keeping their bodies at a relative median. And that’s what women want: research found that they didn’t just find it attractive, but 62% said they thought the dad bod was sexy, a 10% rise compared to 2018.

That perception has likely had a positive effect on men. Men reported their dad bods helped them increase their self-esteem. Nearly half (48%) said they have learned to accept themselves and almost the same number said having a dad bod made them less concerned with how they appeared to others. That perception resonates for both men and women with over three quarters (78%) reporting a man with a dad bod is a sign they are comfortable in their own skin.

Some estimates state there are nearly 28 million men with dad bods in the U.S. today.

Even celebrities have embraced their dad bods in the past. Leonardo DiCaprio was once overheard at a party bragging about how he doesn’t work out to a group of models, Page Six reported. DiCaprio has been one of the poster boys of the dad bod movement with other male celebrities like Jon Hamm and Seth Rogen.

The survey, which was in conjunction with fitness franchise Planet Fitness, interviewed over 2,000 Americans ages 18 and over.

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