This is the perk employees want the most this summer at work

Atop employees’ summer perks wishlist are flexible schedules and summer Fridays, according to a new survey.

Research conducted by staffing firm Accountemps found 52% of employees said flexible schedules were what they considered the best summer perk companies could offer. Twenty-seven percent claimed to leave the office early on Friday’s were what they considered the benefit.

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Senior managers were also polled about which type of summer perks they offered at their company. Flexible schedules were the most popular response while almost a third offered summer Fridays.

Managers had more relax dress code (53%) and company activities such as picnics (48%) ahead of leaving work early.

Summer Friday’s vary from place-to-place. Some include extra hours during the week for hours off on Friday, half-day Fridays, alternating Friday’s off or just Friday’s entirely off for the whole summer.

“Offering workers increased flexibility in the summer can improve employee morale and make your company an attractive place to work,” said Michael Steinitz, senior executive director of Accountemps. “These perks come at little cost to companies but often go a long way in keeping staff happy and engaged.”

Accountemps asked more than 2,800 works and 2,800 senior managers in the United States to compile the data.

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