Survey: This is the single worst thing you can do on a flight

New research from the bank HSBC shows that the worst thing you can do on a flight is “be rude to” employees working in the plane cabin, with 65% of those surveyed calling it “annoying.”

The bank took a look at the global flight economy and came up with an imaginary place called “Flyland.” It found that while more than an additional $1.26 billion is generated daily, the “economy in the sky” has a staggering $400.5 billion value.

As for how HSBC’s research was completed, the press release states that BDRC polled 2,150 people from different countries online, who were “recent flight bookers over 18 years of age, weighted to represent the universe of global international travelers in the air by the location of departure and class of travel, using industry data. Separate online samples were collected among residents of the UK, US, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates, flying internationally from each country in the past year.”

The worst airplane etiquette ever

Take a hard look at what people say they hate the most on planes:

1) “Be rude to cabin crew:” 65% say it’s “annoying”

2) “Let children kick someone’s seat:” 57%

3) “Take off smelly shoes:” 48%

4) “Let children run riot:” 47%

5) “Drink too much alcohol:” 46%

6) “Push your seat back without asking:” 44%

7) “Overfill the overhead locker:” 37%

8) “Stand up as soon as the plane lands:” 36%

9) “Complain in the hope of an upgrade (it’s not going to happen):” 20%

Did any of your biggest flight pet peeves make the list?

Here’s how much people spend on flights

The data shows that people spend an average of $68.47 on duty-free purchases, $7.89 on food, $3.43 on alcohol and $3.28 on wifi.

While 37% said they chow down on chicken on board, 16% say they eat beef and 11% say they eat fish. Forty percent say they wear “jeans and a t-shirt.”

Cindy Wong, HSBC Regional Head of Marketing, North America, commented on the research in a statement.

“Air travel has become an increasingly important part of peoples’ lives in the last 10 years, thanks to growing global commerce and pure wanderlust. It has made more experiences, opportunities, and relationships possible than ever before,” she said.

Here’s what Americans in “Flyland” are like on planes

Americans shell out an average of $11.68 for food, $32.53 on duty-free goods, $4.56 on drinks, $4.92 on Wi-Fi and $4.76 on alcoholic beverages.

While 65% of Americans agreed that “letting children kick their seat” was the worst thing to do on a flight, the second worst was “letting children run riot” at 59%, the third worst was “being rude to flight attendants” at 56%.

Flyland Infographic (PRNewsfoto/HSBC Group)