74% of Brits boast they could easily do their entire job in a four-day week

A survey of 2,000 UK workers, carried out by YouGov for Indeed, explored British workers’ feelings about work.

Most strikingly, the survey found that 74% of Brits believe they could do their job equally well in four days as they could in five. This percentage rises to 79% among Millennials, who were even more confident that they could perform their job at equal standards in less time.

The idea of a four-day week, or at least working less, is gaining traction in Britain.

Just recently, UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party commissioned a study that would consider fewer working hours for public-sector employees, Bloomberg reported.

Other findings

While salary, naturally is the most important part of work to Brits (57%), work-life balance came in right behind it (55%). For those workers who prioritize work-life balance over everything else, they would be happy to earn 6,000 pounds less per annum.  Job security came in far behind work-life balance, at 45%.

Pay transparency is supported by 56% of British workers. And for good reason – a third (31%) aren’t happy with their current pay, and 52% said they might leave their current job if their salary didn’t increase in the next 1-2 years.

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