Millennials are so tired of online research they keep taking the same vacations

The last we heard, Millennials loved travel – they desire experiences over things, research shows they prioritize travel over buying homes, and they even sacrifice coffee and sex for it.

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So imagine our surprise with a survey that shows Millennials are repeating their vacations because they’re so burned out with the click-and-scroll online research process of deciding where to vacation and then researching prices, accommodations, and flights accordingly. Suddenly, it’s no fun being their own travel agent.

Half (51%) of Millennials were traveling to somewhere they’ve already been in order to avoid the research. Meanwhile, 40% paid more so they wouldn’t have to do the investigation.

On average, Millennials spend eight hours of research on their vacation and get bored 40 minutes into it.

The mind-numbing research is one of the biggest stresses of planning a vacation for 42% of Millennials, leading 33% to book the wrong dates.

They’re even secretly researching their vacation at work (40%) and therefore getting less work done (30%).

Well over a third (38%) would think about handing off the task of booking their vacation to a third party, like a travel agent. They’d be willing to pay about $134 not to have to research their vacation. Sounds just like their parents! Maybe there will be a boom in the travel agent industry.

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